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This website about New Hampshire Driving While Intoxicated Laws and other related New Hampshire motor vehicle laws is curated by Salem, New Hampshire DWI-DUI defense Attorney Mark Stevens,  Contact Attorney Stevens at 1-603-893-0074 for a free DWI or OUI case consultation immediately.

Thank you for visiting this website about New Hampshire DWI laws, New Hampshire DWI penalties and other New Hampshire motor vehicle laws and criminal laws.  Please feel free to check back frequently to stay up to date on New Hampshire DWI laws.  Major legal changes to New Hampshire's DWI laws, Aggravated DWI laws, and boating while intoxicated laws are posted here.  We also post updates on New Hampshire's underage intoxication laws, possession of controlled drugs laws (including possession of marijuana laws), "reckless driving" laws, "operating after suspension" laws, "habitual offender" laws, "commercial driver's license" ("CDL") issues and other New Hampshire laws and regulations regularly.  A page was created for New Hampshire's new ban on hand held cell phone use while driving.

We have a page for "Possession of Drugs", New Hampshire's tough law on possession of drugs in a motor vehicle: RSA 265-A:43.  Please note that this is a major motor vehicle offense under New Hampshire's "Habitual Offender" law, RSA 259:39, I.  A charge for possession of drugs in a motor vehicle code brings extra harsh penalties for even trivial amounts of marijuana found in the driver's car or truck, including a revocation of their driver's license from 60 days up to two years.  You also find a page here for "Conduct After an Accident", which is found in the New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Code at RSA 264:25.  This charge is called "leaving the scene of an accident", "leaving the scene after causing property damage", or "leaving the scene of an accident after causing bodily injury" in most other states. It too carries severe penalties, even if no one was hurt.

We also have a "minor in possession" page addressing New Hampshire's underage drinking laws (including "unlawful intoxication by a minor"), an "Operating After Suspension or Revocation" page, and a "Public Way" page that defines that element of a DWI offense.

A page was created for the "New Hampshire DWI arraignment law" :RSA 265-A:3-a, which became effective on January 1, 2013.  Once again the charge of DWI has been singled out for special (and often adverse) treatment.  We have just added the law that requires police to be trained in the administration of the field sobriety tests they administer pursuant to RSA 265-A:6.

Significant changes to New Hampshire DWI laws will be coming, including a version of "work licenses" that should take effect next year.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We are making an effort to present you with as much information about New Hampshire DWI laws as possible. Thank you again for visiting today!

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